GentleSteps™ Dog Training

Safest, Most Effective Training For Pet Fences

Rather than attempt to contain your dog with painful zaps, we use a unique gentle approach that has produced outstanding results

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GentleSteps™ Dog Fencing Training

Our training method is so effective that owners need to spend only 5-10 minutes, three times a day, during the five-day training phase, to teach pets their new boundaries. Dogs love the training because it is painless, fun, upbeat, and comes with lots of tasty treats!


What Will It Feel Like For My Dog?

GentleSteps™ utilizes ultra-low levels of training collar stimulation during the critical initial training phase that leaves your dog happy and secure in the safety of your yard. The barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation are felt as just a tickle, similar to a static discharge from touching a doorknob. This unique soft-touch training method allows Pet Stop® clients to focus on more positive experiences, such as freedom in the yard to run and play.

How Long Will The Training Take?

Just like us, each individual pet’s personality and learning curve are different. The pet fencing experts at Pet Stop Hidden Fence of Eastern Michigan will customize the training experience to what best suits your pet and provide the initial fence training to get you started. Most pets are trained to the fence in less than 2 weeks, and if your pet requires follow-up training, we will assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our GentleSteps™ training.

Our Gentle Approach

GentleSteps™ Fence Training by Pet Stop Hidden Fence of Eastern Michigan will teach your dog his new hidden fence, and it will do it without frightening or stressing him out. As the name implies, this training uses numerous tiny little steps of harmless static corrections that feel much like tickles. The tickles really do feel like tickles, and we encourage you to feel them for yourself.



After we carefully install your Pet Stop electronic pet fence, we’ll also install a temporary flag or ribbon boundary over your wire. One of our trained Pet Stop Professionals will lead your pet from the house on a leash. They will assist you and your pet in recognizing the importance of avoiding the new Pet Stop boundary. After we’ve achieved this objective, we’ll allow your pet to experience a small correction. We do this under tightly controlled conditions. Once your pet returns to the safe area, our trainer will positively reinforce the correct behavior of returning inside the safe area. It is vitally important that your pet can trust everyone involved in their training and, for this reason, nobody should ever attempt to call or tease your pet into the correction field.

We’ll explain the body language of your pet’s training experience at every step, so you can learn what your pet’s needs are. Next, while the lesson is still fresh in your pet’s mind, our trainer will guide you and your pet around the rest of the new boundary lines while demonstrating the correct warning and positive reinforcement techniques for your pet. After your pet has seen the entire yard, we all relax for a few minutes in your pet’s new area and usually present a few “goodies” for the well-behaved family member.


Repeat Training

A few minutes after relaxing outside (after the introduction), we’ll all move inside to explain the process once again. Every dog is different, and we want you to take all the time with us you feel you require.We’ll answer all your questions to your satisfaction before we leave your property – that is our promise to you.With just a few minutes once or twice a day of repeating these simple techniques, you will train your dog to enjoy a new-found freedom and purpose within your family. You all will benefit from years of peace of mind and enjoy spare time doing what you want, outside, safe and together.

Observing Your Pet

After we leave, and you have trained your pets with our guidelines, it will be time to gradually let them have more and more freedom outside. In just 10 days, you will be able to just watch them carefully while they play safely in their new world.
If you notice a change in your pet’s behavior, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can determine if we need to modify your pet’s system or training procedures. Pet Stop makes it quick and easy to modify your system by our unique ability to program all the features the collar has to offer over the phone with you! We have trained professionals available for this free service 5 days a week. Over time, you’ll need to observe your pet less and less and finally remove the flag boundary.
Your dog will learn to trust both you and the system, even when you occasionally forget to put their collar on. We would suggest that you never stop observing your pets, just as you would one of your children. A quick glance outside every so will often give you plenty of warning should you need to adjust something. You can now relax and know that you’re relying on the most dependable USA built equipment on the market today.
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